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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

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Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium is funding in addition to the school’s budget. Schools are free to decide how to allocate this funding to best support the attainment for their most vulnerable pupils. In the financial year 2018/19 the school received £37,520 in Pupil Premium allocations.

This year the Pupil Premium will be used in the following ways:-

Additional teaching staff - £18,750

To provide teaching assistant support to deliver small group work interventions and to develop personalised intervention programmes - £7,000

To provide support through providing extra specialist services from specialist teachers, behaviour support specialists, specialist assessments and advice for pupils with special needs and any pupils not making at least expected progress - £2,280

To subsidise extra–curricular activities to ensure that the activities are accessible to all families - £300

To subsidise educational visits to ensure that they are accessible to all families - £500

To provide support through counselling services - £4050

To provide school uniform - £500

To provide resources - £1,000

To enable parents to access childcare for their children in Breakfast Time and Kidz Care - £6,000

To support parents in getting their children to school - £2280

The total spent exceeds the amount allocated in Pupil Premium payments to the school but reflects the Governors committment to supporting pupils according to their needs.


Examples of impact include:

- Good progress for the vast majority of pupils within the group supported.  In fact, many made better than expected progress.  During the year (3 terms) the average levels of progress across the group as a whole are as follows;

Reading - 3.04 terms;

Writing - 3.24 terms;

Maths - 2.96 terms.

This represents a great achievement for those pupils concerned who may be facing a variety of challenging circumstances which could be a barrier to their learning and progress.  It is particularly pleasing that their progress in writing is highest because it is an area which the school is working hard to develop.  In Maths the group did not quite achieve the expected amount of progress and the teachers will be looking at how to help the children make even more progress in that area next year.

- All pupils have participated in class educational visits.

- Displays of non-co-operation and/or temper tantrums which impact on individual learning and group/whole class learning have reduced.

- Some pupils have been better able to understand their feelings and emotions and so have been more able to focus their attentions on learning.