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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Love one another as I have loved you.

After school curricular clubs

At Holy Family we run a range of both lunchtime and after school clubs. We change the clubs every half term in order to provide a wider range of activities for all interests. If you have any suggestions, please let school know.


This half term we have the following clubs:

Tuesday- KS1 crafts, Year 6 Easter treats, Year 3/4 Young Scientists

Wednesday - KS 2 Multiskills

Thursday - KS1 Multiskills or KS2 choir


Science Discovery Club


We made a density tower, making objects float in the middle of a liquid. We found out that the same amount of two different liquids may have different masses. Lighter liquids like water and surgical spirits stayed at the top of our tower. Heavy liquids like honey and syrup were more dense and went to the bottom. The same goes for the small objects that we dropped in. The metal bolt went to the bottle and the tomato vanished in the middle! The plastic cube settled on top of the water w