Ribble Discovery - Fairhaven Lake

 Class 1 and 2 had a fantastic day at the beach.

We identified human and physical features, took part in a beach combing activity, used our senses to explore the surroundings and of course built sandcastles!

The staff all commented on the exemplary behaviour of our children and were really impressed by their listening, attention and the way in which they cared for one another.

What a wonderful day! 

Trip to Judges Lodgings

Author Visit

Yesterday we were visited by Sarah Roberts.  She read us her book "Somebody Swallowed Stanley"  and talked to us about environmental issues including the importance of getting rid of our rubbish properly.

We were all lucky enough to receive a signed copy of her book.

For more information on Sarah's work look on

Autumn 1 Topic Map - Robots

Measuring Mass

As part of our work on mass we measured ingredients to make biscuits.  We read the scales really well and enjoyed tasting them!

Our First Day

The children had a fantastic first day,

We talked about the reasons for having rules and have decided that we need rules in our classroom to ensure that it is a happy and fair place where everyone feels valued and able to learn.  We worked together to create our rules for this year.