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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

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Science Club


This week in Science Club there was a crime!!!

Mrs Holdens emergency stash of chocolates were stolen! And the only clue left behind was a white powder...

Mrs Holliday had been making custard, Mrs Courtney had been making mashed potato, Mrs Disley had been using powdered milk, Mrs Dodd had been making salt dough, Mrs Wiles had been making cakes with flour and Miss Barnes had been creating volcanos using bicarbonate of soda.

We tested all these materials, looking at their appearance, texture, smell and their reaction with water and vinegar. When we collected the powder from the crime scene and tested it it started fizzing in vinegar and we discovered the mystery powder was bicarbonate of soda!!

This week we made a simple lava lamp. We used lemonade, raisins and peanuts and predicted what would happen when we dropped the raisins and peanuts into the lemonade.  We soon realised that the gas bubbles grew on them, making them float upwards. When they reached the top, the bubbles burst and they fell back down again.


In our second experiment, we made a density tower, looking at how layers of liquid sit on top of each other. We used honey, syrup, milk, water, washing up liquid and oil. Our results are visible in the photos below. Lots of learning and fun happened. We look forward to welcoming the children back next week for more experiments.

Today we made Pop Bottle rockets. We designed our aerodynamic bottle so they would fly straight up into the sky with the water pressure thrusting the bottle upwards.