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Understanding Our Place in the World


At Holy Family we want children to be able to make links and comparisons.  Our Geography curriculum is a skills-based curriculum and runs alongside our History topics, enabling children to see a bigger picture of the world.  We work alongside our children to plan lessons that interest them.  Due to being a mixed form entry, our curriculum allows children to overlearn geographical skills such as map reading, looking for patterns and comparing, through a broader range of topics.  Throughout our teaching we promote a respect and understanding towards different cultures and environments, embedding our school values.  We also believe it is important for our children to understand their immediate locality and so we include local area units, where we can apply our geographical skills through field work.  When our pupils leave us in year 6, they will be confident in applying geographical skills and using geographical language, as well as having a greater respect for the diversity of our world.


Link to National Curriculum for Geography:


Policies and Curriculum

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Action Plan

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Progression of Skills

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