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Understanding Our Past Helps Shape Our Future

Chronology,  Concepts,  Knowledge, Locality


At Holy Family we want our children to understand their place in history and how history can shape the future.  We have adapted our curriculum to be skills based, teaching our pupils enquiry and questioning skills, enabling them to make comparisons and understand chronology, alongside learning facts about a wide variety of time periods.  Due to being a mixed form entry school, our curriculum allows children to overlearn these skills through a variety of different topics, using a wide range of resources and experiences.  We also work alongside our children to plan a curriculum that interests them.  Where possible we make links to local history as well as having whole topics on our local area and how it has changed.  Through our history teaching we promote a respect and understanding of different cultures and practises and also look at how equality and laws have changed.  At the end of KS2, we aim that all children can question, compare, infer, investigate and show a real curiosity for the subject.


History is taught discretely with a focus on understanding chronology and key historical concepts.   However, to aide the children understanding ‘the bigger picture’ of our world links are made to other subjects such as, English, Art and PSHE.  Also our school values are woven through our teaching.  History is taught on a half term basis, alternating with Geography.

At Holy Family we have been able to incorporate many periods of history into our curriculum, ensuring that skills can be embedded and applied from EYFS through to Year 6.  You can find our two-year History Programme of study below. 

We also follow a three-phase approach to our History lesson planning: Introduction of chronology, vocabulary and concept, subject knowledge and application.  Lessons are engaging and offer a variety of outcomes so a range of learning needs can be met, whether this be through, art, writing, video recording and role play etc.  When not able to evidence through a book, we use Seesaw to upload children’s work.

Children are assessed based on end of year expectations taken from the National Curriculum and in conjunction with LCC expectations in History.  These learning outcomes are predominantly skill based and build upon each other year on year.  Teachers allocate these learning outcomes to the most suitable topic at the beginning of the academic year.  Many of our learning outcomes can be achieved multiple times a year ensuring all children can access and achieve.  For those that achieve these more quickly, we have ‘challenge’ learning outcomes but also have an expectation that they can apply the skills more independently and in a variety of different ways.

Our progression/assessment document can be found below.

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