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Guided Reading at Holy Family

Guided reading is a structured method of  reading where children are gradually taught to take on group roles to explore and find meaning in texts. Guided reading emphasises teamwork and supports independent comprehension skills

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KS2 Grammar Guidance

Information about KS1 Phonics 

Some tips to help children remember spellings

Look, cover, write and check - general school method to learn spellings.

This is the main method which we use to teach children how to learn their spellings.

Look - Carefully look at the word.  Use one of the techniques described on the sheet above if they help you.  

Cover - Cover the word up so that you cannot see it.  It is important that you cover up all other attempts to spell the word as well.

Write - Write the word.  You must not copy the word.  You must try to write it from memory.  Try to remember all the letters without peeping at the original, correct version.  This means you are using your brain and developing your memory power!

Check - You should now uncover the correct spelling and compare your attempt to the original.  If you made a mistake underline the mistake or put a ring around it.  Now you are back to the 'look' stage.  Pay careful attention to the bit where you made a mistake. Now 'cover', 'write' and 'check' again.  Repeat this process until you can confidently spell the word correctly for at least 5 times.