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Home learning


Looking for a fun activity to keep you busy and you enjoy playing top trumps- here's the perfect task for you to do at home.

Make your own top trumps game.

Home learning from June 8th.

Paper copies of the overviews and tasks below can be collected from school office from Monday 8th June.

Alternatively, you can download and print off at home.


 8th june home learning letter.docx.pdfDownload
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Home Learning - Week beginning June 8th

Year 1 & 2

9th June Maths 'How to'

12th June - Play 'Hit the button'  (Everything except Square Numbers)

Your first home learning project will be all about Butterflies. I would love for you to look into butterflies and create something to be displayed upon our return.

 Dont Roll a One 11th June.pdfDownload
 Joining Circles 10th June.pdfDownload
 Number of the Week Y1 8th June.pdfDownload
 Number of the Week Y2 8th June.pdfDownload
 Spin to Win 9th June.pdfDownload
 Year 1 8th June Jolly Postman.pdfDownload
 Year 2 8th June Be happy. Be Brave. Be kind.pdfDownload
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Year 3 & 4

9th June Maths 'How to'

10th June - Play

Your first home learning project will be all about Robins OR Kingfishers. I would love for you look into one of these topics and create something to be displayed upon our return.

 Dont Roll a One 11th June.pdfDownload
 Fraction Fun ks2 12th june.pdfDownload
 Number of the Week Y3 8th June.pdfDownload
 Number of the Week Y4 8th June.pdfDownload
 Spin to Win 9th June.pdfDownload
 Y3 Wk 7 Be Healthy and Happy.pdfDownload
 Y4 Wk 7 Inspirational People.pdfDownload
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Year 5 & 6

Here is the work for the Wk Beginning 8th June.  I have tried to indicate what activities are more challenging.  I couldn't get our chilli image on so green = mild, yellow = spicy and red = hot. 

For Maths on Thursday, please go on TTRockstars or play the Maths games on Purple Mash. 

Mrs Derbyshire

 Dont Roll a One Wed 10th.pdfDownload
 English Year 5 and 6 WB 8th June.docxDownload
 Fraction Fun Fri 10th.pdfDownload
 Number of the Week Y5 Mon 8th.docxDownload
 Number of the Week Y6 Mon 8th.docxDownload
 Spin to Win Tues 9th.pdfDownload
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Hello everyone!


Week beginning 8th June

The learning links for this weeks work are on our class page.  This weeks theme is Oceans.

We look forward to seeing your work on Tapestry.

Mrs Maloney, Mrs Wiles and Miss Kiss 

Class Two

Hi Class 2! Hope you are all keeping safe, I miss you all already!  Parents - please find all sorts of activities for online learning. I have tried to make this as open ended as possible to allow for flexibility. I shall be setting some work on Purple Mash, as well as the packs sent home on Friday 20th.  It may also be beneficial to use this time to ensure your child can dress themselves independently, zip up their coat tie shoelaces, tell the time...all sorts of things!

How about starting your day with PE? 


Plenty of ebooks to keep you busy.
ind the 'my class login' page and use the User: holyfamilyclass2    Password:Class2


Lots of additional resources.


If there is any Maths topic you would particularly like to work on, then 'Maths by topic y1&2' is perfect. It gives videos to explain and activities based around most the areas of mathematics.


 class two home learning.pdfDownload
 class two home learning.pubDownload
 Home Learning Grid Year 1.docxDownload
 Home Learning Grid Year 2.docxDownload
 Maths topic by topic y1&2.docxDownload
 Topic Week 1.docxDownload
 Topic Week 2.docxDownload
 Topic Week 3.docxDownload
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Class Three

Dear Parents, Carers and Children of class.3,


First of all I want to say how amazing you all are and how I have missed you all ever so much this week. I know you have all worked extra hard to keep the Class 3 team spirit going strong without me! 

Below I have uploaded some work which you can do whilst we are off school. There is a Y3 Maths homework grid and if you scroll down Year 4 is just underneath. There are a list of ideas for keeping fit and healthy. There is also a grid full of great websites that you can use to access further learning.


I will be monitoring learning through Purple Mash and will try my best to give you feedback on your work. There is a class blog on the Amazon Rainforest which you can access and add to. 


Take care everyone!


Miss Power :)

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 class three home learning.pubDownload
 Home Learning Stay Active.pdfDownload
 Maths homework grid - Y3 & Y4 v2.docxDownload
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Class Four

Dear Class 4

Below is a list of websites and ideas for activities.  We have tried to include a wide range of resources and activities so there is something for all.

You are all fantastic and we will see you all very soon.

Mrs Derbyshire, Mrs Garlick & Mrs Hayes

 Class 4 Remote Learning.pubDownload
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I know lots of you are into WW2 so why not check this out on Wednesday.

They have an online lesson experience looking at what life was like in a control room during the Battle of the Atlantic. 

Some fun learning resources from the Beano

There are so many fantastic live events going on each day on line.  Please see the document below listing some of them.  

 daily links.jpgDownload
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