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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Love one another as I have loved you.


Children at Holy Family School wear a uniform. We believe a uniform looks smart, wears well and contributes to a feeling of belonging to the school. All items are reasonably priced and can be bought at most clothing stores, except for the school sweatshirt/cardigan which is available from the uniform shop in Kirkham or 'Bang Bang' in Preston.

Winter Uniform

- grey trousers/ grey skirt/pinafore dress 

- pale blue polo shirt 

- blue sweatshirt/cardigan with school logo (available from the Uniform shop in Kirkham, or 'Bang Bang' in Kirkham or Preston) 

- grey socks/grey tights (white socks may be worn with grey skirts/pinafores) 

- black shoes 

Summer Uniform 

- pale blue polo shirt/light blue and white checked dress 

- grey trousers/skirt 

- blue sweatshirt/cardigan 

- grey socks/white socks with skirts or dresses 

- black shoes/black or blue sandals 


Children with long hair should have it tied back neatly off their face so that it is less likely to get tangled in any equipment.  Hair bands and ribbons, if worn, must be red, blue, white or match the child’s hair colour and must be flat to the head.  

Nail varnish and jewellery should not be worn. 

The only exception to this is the wearing of small, spherical earring studs to prevent pierced ears closing and even then we would prefer for earrings to be left at home and put back in each afternoon after school.  

Children must be able to remove and replace their studs by themselves and without fuss. 


Children are expected to change for PE for hygiene and safety reasons and should have: 

- plain navy shorts 

- plain white T-shirt 

  • black pumps (trainers are not safe for indoor PE lessons)
  • The branded uniforms sold in the uniform shops are NOT compulsory. 


Football strip may be required by those taking part in football activities, consisting of 

shorts, shirt and a change of footwear other than pumps. 

Lower KS2 children (Year 3 and Year 4) will also need a one-piece swimming costume/swimming trunks.