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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

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These are our priorities for Maths this year.

Maths Action Plan 2023/2024

See below what each class is learning in Maths currently. 

We are following our own personalised curriculum, following the Mastery approach using resources from White Rose Hub and  NCETM.

Long Term Plan 2023/2024

Our Mastery Journey

We strongly believe that a mastery approach is the best way for our children to learn maths. We feel that every child can achieve in maths and is able to develop a secure knowledge and understanding of the many areas covered in this subject. By striving to master maths, children will develop a deep, secure and adaptable understanding, feeling confident to problem solve and face new situations without immediately needing support.

Staff plan their learning journeys in a way that is relevant to the class of children that they are teaching. Learning will not move on until staff believe that the children have a sound and secure understanding of a concept.

Children who struggle with a concept will be supported through practical resources and adult support. Children who quickly grasp a concept will be challenged to think deeply and reason about their learning.

The mastery approach applies the five big ideas to the teaching of maths and our staff are currently working hard to implement these ideas into their delivery. We are undergoing training through our Maths Hub and are excited to see how our children develop and grow in confidence.

'How to' Guides

Some parents and children have been asking about the methods we use in school for trickier concepts. Please see these images for guidance. Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Miss Barnes.

Tutor Bot contains completely free online maths games where children can practice their mathematics skills.  They feature over 100 different customisable games which will develop children's mathematical fluency, accuracy and speed.