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Physical Education


At Holy Family Primary school our priority is to ensure that all children enjoy and are engaged in physical education and sport. We  are following a  developmentally appropriate curriculum  that gives children the tools and understanding required to make a positive impact on their own physical health and well-being. It is our intention that all children experience a wide variety of physical skills and sports that will enhance life-long fitness and life choices. Our PE lessons aim to challenge and encourage children to work on their self-esteem through the development of physical confidence and problem solving. It is important that we provide opportunities which will teach children to cope with both success and failure in competitive, individual and team based physical activities.

We also endeavour to make our PE lessons inclusive and inspiring to allow all children the opportunity to achieve personal successes. Through various opportunities to compete in games and other physical activities, we aim to build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect.



Our PE curriculum is designed to fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum for Physical Education. We follow the Lancashire Scheme of Work units for PE, using PE passport and supplement teaching with outside specialist coaches such as, AFC Fylde and Healthy Heads.

Learning has been mapped out and sequenced through each Key Stage in order to ensure coverage of skills and clear progression. A range of activities will be provided with a broad base of movement knowledge, skills and understanding, which children can refine and expand throughout their primary school years. We recognise that PE teaching may need repetition and development, therefore Fundermental Skills are repeated through certain year groups. This enables children to develop and reinforce their learning and abilities of Physical Education in order to improve. 

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Year 5/6 Football Tournamnent

The following children Charlie, Harrison, Harry, Will D, Farrah, Amelia, Leo, Will F and Hattie represented Holy Family  at a Year 5/6 football tournament at AKS. They were excited to be wearing our brand-new school kit and looked extremely smart. They showed teamwork, respect and sportsmanship and tried their very best! They were a real pleasure and were a credit to our school. We look forward to our next fixtures coming soon!  Keep your eyes peeled! 

Year 5/6 Rounders Competition 

Rugby Reading Champions Festival

Year 5 were thrilled to have been invited to participate in the Rugby Reading Champions festival on Thursday this week. They took part in three fun activities on the day for Reading, Confidence Building and Tag Rugby Activities


Excellent work from our Year 3/4 dodgeball team. We won 2 of the games and one of our players received a medal for 'best player' of the match.



Our ks2 dance club hit the big stage at Blackpool Winter Garden's to perform their dance to 'The Pirates who lived next door'. All the children did so incredibly well. 

Primary Schools Festival at The Amateur Championship at Royal Lytham 

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