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Father James Allen has joined our hardworking team in school and is the new parish priest at Holy Family Church Warton & Freckleton and St Anne's Westby. Fr Jim is a regular visitor in school and has already got to know many of the children well. He has celebrated several masses and Liturgical services with us and he is trying hard to learn all the children's names. Please come along to mass on a Saturday (6.45pm) or Sunday (10.45am) where Fr Jim will be pleased to see you. If you want to know more about Fr Jim, follow the link below.

The Life of Fr James Allen

Parents at Holy Family School are so helpful and supportive. We are all part of a team helping to provide the best for the children in our school. See article below.

PARENT PAY coming soon......... Letters have been emailed to all parents to activate their account.

A big welcome to Father James Allen who has joined our hardworking team at Holy Family. Fr Jim has been with us for about 2 months now and he is a regular visitor into school. He is getting to know the children well and he has celebrated several masses and Liturgical services with us. Please join us for mass on Sundays at Holy Family Church where Fr Jim will be happy to welcome you. If you want to know more about Fr Jim, please follow the link below.

The life of Fr James Allen


We hope the following pages give you a flavour of our highly successful, welcoming, friendly school serving the children, and families, of the Warton and Freckleton area.

The success which we enjoy is the result of many things.

Firstly, even though we are a fully inclusive school and welcome children from a wide variety of faiths and backgrounds, we are a Catholic School and, as such, have a strong Christian ethos. When we developed our mission statement with the children they felt that it should be, that everyone at Holy Family School should do their best to ‘love and care for each other’. This simple statement encapsulates many of the things which our school develops in our pupils; good behaviour, respect, good manners, tolerance, inclusion, honesty, Gospel values.

At Holy Family we unashamedly put children first. Thus we have a safe, happy environment in which children can strive to do their best at everything they are given the opportunity to do. We listen carefully to our children and allow them to influence our curriculum and their learning as much as possible. We do our best to foster within each child a desire for learning and a desire to make the right choices.

We enjoy a very high level of support from parents. Children get on well at school when parents feel able to support school. At Holy Family we try to achieve this by welcoming parents to school as much as possible to things like assemblies, progress meetings, volunteer work, ‘stay and play’ times.

Finally, we are blessed with an extremely dedicated, hard working staff team who give above and beyond that which is required so that children are treated as individuals who matter; receive the best possible education; enjoy learning at school with a creative, exciting, challenging curriculum; and have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of sporting and extra-curricular activities.

This website can only give a hint of what Holy Family School has to offer – you really do need to visit school to experience the unique ‘Holy Family’ feeling. Please do not hesitate to contact the school to book a visit.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Michelle T Holden



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It's official - Holy Family Parents are the very best!!!!

During the summer, our all-weather football pitch was constructed so that our children had an area to play on all year round. Unfortunately, it was not fit for our children to play on as the sand was too thick. On Thursday evening, several of our parents gave up their time to come into school and sweep the pitch to clear all the sand. To the great delight of the children on Friday morning, they were able to use the pitch and play football on it when they arrived into school. Massive thanks to Amelia's dad, Harrison's dad, Tilly's mum and dad, Ava's mum, Noah's dad and William F's dad who all gave up their time to get the pitch accessible for the children. It was very, very kind of you. Here are some pictures that Mrs Holden took showing the hard work put in.


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