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Understanding Our Place in the World



At Holy Family we want to inspire pupils to become curious and explorative thinkers with a diverse knowledge of the world; in other words, to think like a geographer. We want pupils to develop the confidence to question and observe places, measure and record necessary data in various ways, and analyse and present their findings. We aim to build an awareness of how Geography shapes our lives at multiple scales and over time. We hope to encourage pupils to become resourceful, active citizens who will have the skills to contribute to and improve the world around them.

 Throughout our teaching we promote a respect and understanding towards different cultures and environments, embedding our school values.  We also believe it is important for our children to understand their immediate locality and so we include local area units, where we can apply our geographical skills through field work.  When our pupils leave us in year 6, they will be confident in applying geographical skills and using geographical language, as well as having a greater respect for the diversity of our world.

The Geography curriculum enables pupils to meet the end of key stage attainment targets in the National curriculum. The aims also align with those in the National curriculum. For EYFS, the activities allow pupils to work towards the ‘Understanding the world’ Development matters statements and Early learning goals, while also covering foundational knowledge that will support them in their further geography learning in Key stage 1.


Link to National Curriculum for Geography:


Geography Long Term Overview 2023-2024 and Policy 

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Geography Action Plan 2023-2024

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Progression of Skills

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