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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Love one another as I have loved you.

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   Class teacher- Mrs Thompson   

Teaching assistant- Mrs Bruce

Diwali Day

Today Ladybirds had a day celebrating and learning all about the Hindu festival Diwali. They learnt the story, Rama and Sita, using our fantastic puppets. We also explored ways in which Diwali is celebrated. The children made rangoli patterns in our Finger Fun area and mehndi hand patterns on the Art table. During the afternoon we learnt a simple Diwali dance and tasted lots of traditional Indian foods.

Our Pizza Express Trip 

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Happy Chinese New Year! 

Remembrance Day 


Remembrance Day is an important date in the calendar and it is very important for children to learn a little about its meaning, even at an early age.  At school we talked to the children about the many important people who helped to keep us safe a long time ago. We said that the poppy flowers help us to remember and say thank you to these special people. We also made our very own special poppies and had other activities in Ladybird class to help us to talk and think about Remembrance Day such as painting poppies and making poppy pictures and collages.

Tabitha's Terrifically Tough Tooth

In English we are looking at the story of Tabitha's Terrifically Tough Tooth and at the end of the story the tooth fairy pays Tabitha a visit! Well....the tooth fairy paid us a visit too last night, after one of the children in Ladybirds lost their tooth. Take a look! 


The children arrived this morning to classroom chaos! There was mess everywhere and Mr Leek, Mr onion and Mr Cucumber were trapped!! A villain had been up too some naughty tricks but what did he look like? Together we made the ‘bad guy’ using some clues and we built traps to help capture the evil baddie. Let’s hope we catch him!!!


Later on in the week, we caught the Evil Pea. Horray! Alfie’s trap worked a treat and now Mr onion, Mr Leek and Mr Cucumber are very happy :)