Lytham Road, Warton, PR4 1AD, United Kingdom


Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Love one another as I have loved you.

School Organisation

Holy Family School is a voluntary aided school and serves the Parish of Holy Family.

The school, built in 1974, extended in 1976 and again in 1993, is very pleasantly situated, and we are very lucky to have such fabulous grounds and facilities



Headteacher- Mrs M Holden

Deputy Headteacher – Mrs A Dodd

School Bursar / Office Manager – Mrs Courtney-Whiteside


Ladybirds Class(Reception/Year1)

Class Teacher - Miss Fawcett

Teaching assistants - Mrs Wiles & Mrs Lynn


Butterflies Class (Year 1/2)

Class Teacher - Miss Barnes

Teaching assistant - Mrs Disley & Ms Kiss


Robins Class (Year 3/4)

Class Teachers - Mrs Wilkinson 

Teaching assistant - Mrs Higham & Mrs Hayes


Kingfishers Class (Year 4/5)

Class Teacher - Mrs Dodd (Deputy Headteacher)

Teaching assistants - Mrs Bailey


Owls Class (Year 5/6)

Class Teacher – Mrs Derbyshire & Miss Power

 Teaching assistant - Mrs Garlick & Mrs Thompson


SENDCO Teacher 

Mrs Eccles


Site Supervisor

Mr Hoggarth and Mrs Brown


Kitchen staff

Miss Sam Coady & Miss Emma Robson


Welfare Assistants

Mrs Brown and Miss Cowell


School Nurse

Jill Cullen (Contact 01253 957230)


Mrs Eccles is our school SENDCO (Mon, Tues, Thurs) and works with pupils who have specific learning needs.

As you can see all our classes are mixed-age classes. This is because our school is smaller than the 'average' size school so funding does not allow us to have one teacher for every year group. 

Each year we also split our Y1 group.  Some children remain in Ladybirds Class and some  move into Butterflies Class.  We do this because government regulations state that we cannot have more than 30 pupils in classes for Reception, Y1 and Y2 pupils.  

To help us to decide which children would benefit most from each class we consider the development of each child individually and look at their social skills and development, their mathematical skills and development, their English skills and development, their ages, their friendship groups and their general characters.It should not be considered that to have been allocated to one class or another is an advantage or a disadvantage.  It should also not be considered that to have been allocated to one class or another means that some children are more intelligent than others.  Children make progress at different rates at different times throughout their education and we believe that we help them to make the best possible progress which they are capable of.  

This is our main consideration when making any decisions about any child - how can we help them to make the best possible progress?

Our recently installed modular classroom also allows us to manage smaller class sizes:

Reception / Year 1 - 28 pupils

Year 1/2 - 30 pupils

Years 3/4 - 25 pupils

Years 4/5 - 25 pupils

Years 5/6 - 24 pupils