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Sports day!


On Thursday 17th June we had a fantastic sports day! Thankyou to all the wonderful staff for such a well run day. Due to current guidelines, we could not have parents come to watch, however our fantastic governor Mr Hardman and his team managed to 'Live Stream' the event, and create a 'download' of the whole morning. Please email Mrs Courtney-Whiteside if you would like a copy of the video.

We also have some fantastic pictures from the day!

Password: 3895

Despite the weather, we all really enjoyed our end of term treat! Thank you Mrs Holden. Happy Half Term everyone.

To all our amazing families who have worked so hard during this half term, our school staff have organised a little message to you all to let you know how much we are missing you and thinking about you. This little routine was put together in each of the areas in school and the dance took place on the school playground. We hope that you have lots of fun watching this video and you are able to identify your teachers and teaching assistants in a context that you don't normally see them in. This has been done especially for the entertainment of our children and their families and to help uplift your spirits during lockdown. This dance routine was the idea of Mrs Spence, one of our amazing teaching assistants. With the help of Mr Jon Hardman, one of or school governors, who helped video it and Miss Emma Barnes, our Computing Lead, who pulled it all together, the video was brilliantly produced. We hope you enjoy it. Have a wonderful half term and remember- no working-just having fun with your families.

Welcome Back !!

Balloons, bubbles , banners and a lot of smiling faces this morning, as we welcomed all children back into school.

We are all super excited to have full classrooms again, and to hear the laughing and learning echoing throughout the school.

Christmas Nativity Productions

On Monday, both our KS1 and KS2 children performed in their Christmas Productions. A huge well done to everyone - they were both fantastic ! 

Both performances were filmed, and the links to the videos will be emailed to parents very soon. (if you haven't paid for a link  - get in touch ASAP!)

Jon Hardman, one of our school governors, also took some photos throughout the performances - and these can be seen on the links below.

You are free to download pictures of your child, but, just like if you were attending the nativity in person, please ensure they are for your own personal use. 

KS1 Nativity Photographs can be found HERE: KS1 Nativity

KS2 Christmas Service Photographs can be found HERE: KS2 Christmas

We hope you enjoy the photos ! 

KS1 Party!

Pictures from our KS2 Christmas Lunch

Letters and information for parents whose children are returning to school in Reception, Year 1 or Year 6

Holy Family School reopens on Tuesday 1st September for ALL children

Staff are looking forward to seeing the children back in school and we are hoping to return to a new normality whilst keeping everyone safe. We have implemented some changes in line with government advice and produced some guidance for parents and children. If parents could read the children's guidance with their children and help them understand the main changes and the reasons for these. We have tried very hard to keep changes as simple and manageable for everyone.

Breakfast Time and Kidzcare Clubs will reopen on Tuesday 1st September. Unfortunately we cannot allow parents to come into school but just come to the hall entrance and ring the bell and a member of staff will help you.

Staggered starts

  • Juniors (Year 3,4,5 & 6) should arrive at 8.40am and line up outside their class.
  • Infants (Year 1 & 2) should arrive at 8.50am and wait on the markers outside their cloakroom.
  • Ladybirds (Reception) should arrive at 9am and wait on the markers outside the school front entrance.

Staggered finishes

  • Reception should be collected at 3pm from the front entrance. Parents wait at front gate.
  • Infants should be collected at 3.10pm. Parents wait outside Infants cloakroom.
  • Juniors should be collected at 3.20pm. Parents wait outside classroom doors.

The guidance is available below for your information.

 Sept 2020 HF Parent Guidance FINAL.pdfDownload
 Sept 2020 HF Children Guidance FINAL.pdfDownload
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 Guidancefor the children back to school June 2020.pubDownload
 year r,1,6 risk assessment.pubDownload
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Letters and information for parents who are critical workers

 Guidancefor the children back to school June 2020.pubDownload
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 critical workers RA (2).pubDownload
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 Fun_Palaces (003).pdfDownload
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Our new classroom was craned into school on Tuesday. It caused great excitement and was a bit scary to watch it dangling over the top of the school. Here are some fabulous pictures taken by our brilliant governor photographer. 

A message from Mrs Eccles, Miss Barnes and the staff - 

Hi there boys and girls, parents and carers

We have been busy setting up a little Holy Family Values trail in the church grounds. We are hoping that this will get you out in the fresh air, give you some daily exercise and remind you that you are still a part of our school family and we are thinking of you daily. In the Holy Family Church grounds, we have left some decorated pebbles and ornaments for you to find. (See photographs of some below). We wondered if you would like to add to our trail? If so, please decorate a pebble at home or make a decoration suitable for a church yard and surviving the weather, and let’s see how many we can get. It would be a great way of letting your friends know you are thinking of them. We know how creative you can all be…. We do hope that you can focus on our school values, which continue to serve us well in these difficult times. Just in case you are unsure of these…. here is the list…

Loving … Compassionate … Grateful … Generous … Curious … Active … Faith filled … Hopeful …

Truthful … Attentive … learned … and finally … wise.

 SCART activity poster.pdfDownload
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